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Advantage of Sprayer Drone

Date:Sep12, 2019
Advantage of Sprayer Drone
1) Security: protect farmers away from pesticide harm, to prevent poisoning and heatstroke incidents;
2) High efficiency: can spray 50-100 acres per day, 30 times more than traditional spraying method;
3) Environment protection: can spray pesticides with fixed position and fixed orientation, reducing the pollution to water and soil;
4) Pesticides saving: high degree of atomization, the chemical fog can be pressed to all levels of the crop, can save more than 30% of pesticides;
5) Water saving: can adopt ultra low volume spraying technology, water consumption is only 10% of traditional spraying method;
6) Low cost: the cost is only 1/30 of traditional spraying method;
7) Wide range of applications: not influenced by terrain and crop height, remote control, low altitudes flight, no harm to crop;
8) Easy to use and maintenance: long life to use, low maintenance cost, easy to replace wearing parts.
Advantage of Sprayer Drone